Custom Made

Each rug can be designed and built individually for each customer. Sizes, colors, techniques, materials and shapes of the rugs can be customized and adapted according to individual needs, keeping in mind the different production time…Read more


The colors

Malcusa offers you more than 1600 colors in wools and 1200 colors in silk and, as regards the structure, many samples of techniques and finishes…Read more


In the production of our carpets we use different techniques, all strictly craft: Hand-Tufting and Hand-Knotting.



In this technique the fibers are not knotted but are turned around a cotton weft. It uses a special tool similar to a gun that works with a needle that is inserted on a canvas background on which is drawn the pattern of the carpet you want to reproduce. After the tufting, the back of the carpet is coated with a cotton cloth in applied through a layer of latex natural…Read more



It’s a completely manual technique, in which the yarn is fixed to the warp cotton through a knot. Rugs differentiate depending on the used knotting technique, the type of node and of its thickness. The quality of the carpet increases proportionally to the number of knots of which it is composed… Read more