Milan, April 2017 – In the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2017 and the 56th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Malcusa, will launch its iconic designs and will present two new important collaborations with the designers Lee Wood and Armando Bruno.

The first new rug collection “Bloom the Desert” marks the beginning of the collaboration with Armando Bruno, architect and designer from Milan active internationally and current CEO of the studio Marco Piva of Milan.

The collection is deeply inspired by the environment and nature in contrast with the desert.

In the desert life is getting stronger, it struggles and resists, finding seemingly impossible ways to develop and ends up triumphant.
When you happen upon an oasis, nature takes it’s revenge: the green is greener, the flowers more colorful and the environment is more pleasant. Everything proclaiming the victory of life. Each person has his desert to cross, in search of the “Promised Land”. A painful journey full of mirages but the oasis is always waiting to get you back on track.

Bruno has been fascinated by the complex and beautiful natural structures and textures found in leaves, treee and flowers. The results is an artistic blend of abstracted botanical arrangements in bright and sophisticated colours.
This high-quality hand-tufted rugs are thick and luxurious, with a dense pile and made using the finest 100% bamboo silk that enhance the curves lines of the design. A few stronger colours such as ruby red, jade green and sapphire blue pair with more subdued off white, sage green and smoky grey.

The collection will be displayed during the Fuorisalone event and hosted by Marina C shoowroom.
Via Moscova, Milan 4-9 april
tuesday 4 – saturday 9 h. 10.00 – 18.00