profiloThe walls that surround you can be more than just shelter. They can tell a story, make a statement and transform a space.

Paris-born Alix Soubiran has been working with prominent architects and interior designers throughout Europe and the United States for the last fifteen years, designing artistically crafted wall coverings. Also a talented muralist, Alix conceptualizes imaginative spaces that are whimsical and inspiring with thoughtfully chosen color palettes. Creating exclusive murals and wallpapers, she has adorned the walls of high-end residences, restaurants and hotels in London, Paris, Mustique Island, Italy, Las Vegas, and Beverly Hills. A carefully selected collection of her wallpaper art can be found at Zuber in Paris.

In 2008, Alix launched Princes & Crows, a micro company based out of Los Angeles that focuses on custom wallpaper, décor, and textile. Since 2011, Zuber & Cie, the iconic and renowned manufacturer of French historic wallpapers has been representing Alix’s wallpapers in their Paris showroom. In the last five years, Alix was commissioned to create designs and oversee production for textiles, rug collections, silk scarves and dinnerware, thus expanding her design and fabrication expertise to new mediums.