MALCUSA comes from decades of experience the furnishing world, from Brand Milano Tessuti, and after the collaboration with fashion companies all over the world, and particularly Italian: a cutting-edge brand specialized in the production of handmade carpets.
MALCUSA creates products living 100% the Italian Lifestyle, made of elegance, harmony, wealth and essence of know-how… and the art of living.


MALCUSA is a mission of expression of style, material research and experimentation. We combine the tradition and craftsmanship of rugs and carpets, through timeless knotting techniques, with an innovative and unique design and style. Exclusive rugs are thus designed like artworks, produced by small and selected highly skilled weavers.

MALCUSA is today a collection of rugs made in Europe and India, made according to the ancient traditions of the ‘handmade’, in complete respect of the unaltered time and in admiration of the local culture. It blends with the historic stylistic identity, Italian and international. Malcusa relates with the incessant search of the personal emotions of artists and designers from the world, made of personal experiences and feelings, built and shaped by time.